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Friday, March 16, 2018

iPad Cover Replacement


After nearly 4 years since i had my iPad, covered only with a cheap casing, today, it's time for me to proceed with my plan to upgrade the casing to a much better one. At least, in terms of durability.  
nampak la rugged sikit
After browsing around 2nd level of the mall, i finally made a good discovery of this rugged and anti-slip features iPad casing. The price tag was RM169...yes, i knew that you can also put a RM10,000 tag for it. And the guy at the store said that the final price his boss willing to sell is RM85. Okay deal done! 
dan tahan lasak...
50% off displayed price? Maybe i can get a better casing with slightly lower price. I saw on Lazada selling iPad cover for less than RM70, shipped from oversea. But, i guess, in the end, i still get a better price and definitely a better iPad casing than what a few other retailers showed me. 

And one more thing, i noticed that a few retailers became so desperate to sell their product that they behaving quite negative towards customer if the customer reluctant to buy the item they offered. They seems to forget that CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT. No wonder not many people nowadays go to this mall. 

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