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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Assignment 1

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1.Name one person who made you laugh last nite??
takde kot
2. What were u doing 1 hour ago?
3. What was da last thing u said out loud?
tak ingat
4. Where's da next place you're going to?
5. What was da last thing u paid for?
metro bus ride
6. Where were u last nite?
7.What da besh ice cream flavour?
8. Do u wanna cut ur hair??
not now
9. Do u love to 'melatah'?
10. If dat so ( melatah), what will u said out loud?
11. What does da last text-msg received say?
Parkg Kat tgh2 dkt kedai mkn. dpn am bank
12. Will u get married in da future?
nope, sorang cukup la
13. Do u chew on ur straw?
nope, i'm not that kebulur
14. Do u make-up your own words?
15. Is there anyone u like/love rite now?
off course
16.Tag to other 5 bloggers/more

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