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Friday, August 27, 2010

How To Detect A Hidden Camera In A Changing Room


Lagi safety tips dari email yang kenkwn forward. Boleh cuba tips ni. Tapi nak kene cari la jugak changing room yang ada hidden camera untuk buktikan tips ni menjadi atau tidak kan?

Ada sesiapa yang tahu keberkesanan teori ni? Kalau betul, sila la tinggalkan komen ok? Kalau tak betul pun, komen la jugak, at least dapat gak dgr pandangan korang.

"Dear All,

Please read and pass to your friend.

How to detect a HIDDEN CAMERA in changing rooms in garment shops & boutiques...

In front of the changing room, take your mobile phone and make sure that your mobile can make calls. Then enter into the changing room, and make a call.

If u can't make a call, there is a hidden camera. This is due to the interference of fiber optic during the signal transfer.

Please forward this to your friends to educate the public of this menace. To prevent our innocent sisters and ladies from HIDDEN CAMERAS AND UNSOLICITED STARRING ROLES IN PASAR MALAM VIDEOS."

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