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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Korea 0 - Portugal 7

Ni memang game yang without mercy. Aku tak sangka la pulak Portugal boleh belasah Korea Utara sampai 7 bijik. Tu pun aku rasa Portugal dah lower gear dah tu lepas score 4 bijik. Tu pun game without Nani. Aku rasa kalau Nani pun available, mau lebih dari 10 bijik kot kena belasah.

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to get on the score sheet as well. Tapi dia lebih kepada assisting and providing to his team rather than to score himself. I'm pretty sure pundits all over the world will look at this European team as one of the strongest contender for the cup this time around. Even Brazil did concede against this nuke controversial country, and only scored twice. Maybe the downpour at Cape Town affected the North Korean tempo. Or maybe its genuinely Portugal that is out of this world.

Ada jugak aku rasa sangat kesian bila kamera fokus ke muka player North Korea everytime they conceded a goal, one after another. A hopeless and defenceless faces. Poor them. Dan ada jugak aku rasa Portugal tak patut la belasah team tu sampai camtu. Bagi aku la, lepas dapat 4 bijik tu, slowdown la, kua kan star player, kill the remaining time by passing the ball around ke kan.

So far, it's the biggest score in this tournament. And Brazil will face them this coming Friday, without Kaka who's being red-carded during their Ivory Coast match which ended 3-1 to the South American team.

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