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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Man Utd 1 Chelsea 2

A game without Rooney. I think Utd deserve a point from this game. Drogba's goal was clearly off-side, and yet the referee still counted it. Poor decision by the match official.

I was quite disappointed when Devils starting line-up was shown. Nani on the bench? With his current outstanding performance, i think Fergie should include him in the starting 11. By the time Nani & Kiko were introduced, it's already too late. United could be celebrating a win or at least a draw should both player were brought in earlier.

Anyway, United had one eye on this coming Wednesday. A crucial and bigger occasion at Old Trafford when Bayern Munich visit them for the second leg of Champions League quarter final. Hopefully the Devils will play a much better football like they did during the second half against Chelsea. I really hope to see Bayern get Romanized by United.

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