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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blackburn 0 Manchester United 0

More points dropped from a Rooneyless United. Premier League title is slipping away from the Devils trophy cabinet. At least, that is what i can say now about the Red Devils. Chelsea and Arsenal must be smiling and they were planning to put United to third place when the Barclays Premier League put their curtains down later in May.

With 4 games left, and the title contenders had a game in hand, United can just hoping that their rivals dropping more points. Or else, United will finish 3rd, or could be worse.

Next Saturday will be a crucial derby match at Eastlands. City was in top form and their frontman scores dozens of goal in their last few matches. That's look scary for United defence and their supporters. News of injuries to Rio Ferdinand, John O'Shea and Ryan Giggs can add more troubles to United camp that already missed Rooney, but he is scheduled to fit for that derby encounter.

Many devils supporter must be getting frustrated by the Bulgarian striker Berbatov now. He obviously couldn't fill Rooney's place to put the ball into the net. And he must be feared that his Old Trafford career might come to end this summer. I hope Fergie will keep him because for me, Berbatov is one of the creative players in Premier League. It's just that he's not the Rooney or Tevez type players, he's a player who creates the opportunity for others to score. Remember his passed to Valencia that the later failed to slot past Paul Robinson?

Kiko Macheda isn't ready for such a big game. He needs more exposure. Maybe after a few first team outing, he'll be well-prepared. For the game against Blackburn, i think Park should start alongside Berbatov.

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