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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Special Day?

A pair of Nike shoes and a Nike bag from my beloved wife 
Man Utd gave me a Carling Cup as my birthday present this year.

Sad news pulak ialah anak Cheeky yang tempang tuh mati arini. Tak tau sebab apa. Tapi, according to Mama, ada something macam bihun kua dari mulut dia. Poor kitten. Tak sempat nak kasi nama. Nasib baik sempat snapped 3 keping gambar dia aritu.

My beloved wifey gave me a pair of brand new Nike shoe for me to walk to the office daily and also a brand new Nike bag that came together with a notebook compartment inside it. It's really cool and awesome! Not to forget, as usual, a romantic wording birthday card. I'll be bluetoothing the photos later. For all the trouble you've came through to make my birthday gift a surprise, i really appreciated it darling and off course i love you so much every single day of my life and every single beat of my heart!


Thinking a plan for my wifey's birthday. Have to start planning from now. Ha ha ha...

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