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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Man Utd 3 Fulham 0

Fulham seems to be a very hard team to crack. Time and time again, the Fulham keeper; Mark something made a fabulous save to deny the Devils shot. The Australian stopper could keep Australian team a clean sheet in South Africa come this June if he keeps on performing like this. Well that was the story of the first half.

I've just sit in front of my tv and barely found the best position when Rooney strikes again. It took only 30 second of the second half for the Devils to pull the trigger and put the ball in the Fulham net. What a start! It was his 31st of the season and counting. I thought Cristiano Ronaldo was hoping that once his strike partner to play alongside him at Bernabeu for Real Madrid. Florentino Perez is licking his lips over United number 10s current performance.

After the first goal, United keep creating chances. And Fulham, once in while tried to find the equaliser but find none. Later on, Park Ji-Sung was introduced for Valencia who had a quiet game. Nani and Park keep changing flank to create and penetrate into Fulham penalty box. Clearly that the introduction of Park did make the Fulham back four busier to cope with the fresh leg from the South Korean.

Late on to the final 10 minutes of the match, United kept pushing. The crowds were getting nervous. 1-0 is not good enough with 10 minutes plus added time remaining. Anything can happen. Few minutes later, Rooney current Bulgarian strike partner made a wonderful pass when he manage to escape two Fulham defenders. He placed the ball perfectly for Rooney to slot in his 32nd goal of the season. The crowds relieved.

And as if 2-0 wasn't enough, United keep on attacking Fulham like a wounded tiger. This time, Park worked the right flank and delivered a perfect cross into the penalty box before Dimitar Berbatov headed home the third United goal. He really deserved it. So as the Devils! Job well done!

Next match, Liverpool! Bring it on, time for some revenge!

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