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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Man Utd 5 Portsmouth 0

Excellent result. Hatrick of own goal i could say. Another cool display by the defending champion ahead of away games to Aston Villa in midweek. Nani & Antonio Valencia both in the starting line-up with Nani playing on the left and the later on the opposite flank. Tapi aku nampak Nani lebih sesuai main on the right compared to the left. Tapi at least dia berjaya jugak create one of the o.g tuh. Congrats Nani.

The Devils patutnye dapat score 8 bijik malam tuh, tapi poor finishing from Berbatov, Valencia and Mame Diouf prevented Utd from registering a bigger win margin. Goal differences are important!

Aku kesian dgn Pompey. Tapi apa nak buat, aku die hard MU supporter. Kesian dgn Pompey sebab masalah kewangan kelab tu je la.

The scorer, Rooney, Nani (o.g), Carrick (o.g), Berbatov, own goal.

Other important result:

Hull City 2 Manchester City 1
Liverpool 1 Everton 0

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